Physiotherapy – Feel Better, Move Better

Physiotherapy in Yoga is a type of rehabilitation therapy that combines both evidence-based Physical Therapy and Medical Therapeutic Yoga resulting in a holistic approach to your treatment experience. Physical Therapy (or Physiotherapy) is a well-respected health care profession that uses evidence-based treatment methods to help clients restore and maintain optimal movement and function, as well as provide education on health maintenance and injury prevention.

Physiotherapy Consultation


During the visit the physiotherapist/Occupational Therapist will assess the condition and design the Short term and Long term goals for the patient..Findings of the assessment will be fully discussed along with treatment options and likely outcomes of the treatment.

Treatment goals will be set in consultation with the client and a plan formulated will include frequency and duration of treatment sessions and costs.



Line of treatment

Treatment plans may include active and passive exercise program, manual therapy, and re-education of functional tasks, mobility practice and environmental assessments.

Goals, plans and outcomes will be reviewed at weekly and modified as per progress.Equipment needs will be assessed as necessary and options for the provision of equipment discussed as appropriate.

Yoga sadhna therapy at Door Step can provide assessment, treatment and advice for all ages for whom treatment at their own home is more suitable or convenient.

This includes providing treatment program to manage pain, maximize Activity of Daily Living. Rehabilitation to work after surgery

  • Low back pain
  • Weight Reduction
  • Geriatric Counseling
  • Pediatric Care
  • Pre & Post Natal Exercises
  • Pain Management
  • Home visits for Specially able Childrens